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Friday, September 8, 2017

The Hawaiian scenery fascinate people

The Hawaiian Islands with the sunshine sea, Ocean Blue, hot sand, poetic nature will render you unable to refrain from travel bookings please immediately.

Cliffs of Hawaii

Nā Pali Coast State Park Park is located in the Northwest of the Legged ʻ I with the mountains covered with lush coat merits full of vitality of natural forests.

Nā Pali Coast cliffs

Both the broad Islands 2,499 ha with a high cliff for up to 1,200 m above sea level. Guests admire the immense Pacific Ocean when climbing mountain peaks or enchantment from the helicopter.

Ha'ikū Stairs ʻ ladder, Kāne ohe, O'ahu Island ʻ is located on the cliff top path of mountain ranges stretches with 3,922 steps. It dubbed the "stairway to heaven".

The Crouching Lion

Go off the trail to the Summit of O'ahu Island, Lion Crouching Hill visitors will enjoy the feeling of the world bow sight.

Explore the ocean in Hawaii

Explore the ocean with fanciful sea creatures alive from the sea to sharks. If the met was the spotty during the expedition, you will encounter good luck and longevity as the perception of the inhabitants.

Fire Mountain Haleakalā

Fire Mountain Haleakalā, Māui the island we were sleeping facilities and become an exciting destination for U.s. tourists.

Kīlauea volcano

Conversely, when visiting the volcano Kīlauea visitors must go by boat along the coast can see the red hot lava flows thousands of degrees right before your eyes.

The waterfall on the island of O'ahu

The waterfall on the island of O'ahu is the precious jewel of nature, fascinating scenery made for it. However, the local Government put out warnings about dangerous terrain so visitors should not venture alone to explore. You can visit to get the shot the picture is Lulumahu falls, the falls glitter Maunawili falls, Manoa ...

the scenic Hawaiian

The beach: the Hawaiian Islands have 19 Islands and atolls, 2,400 km long beach. As a result, Hawaii is famous is the ideal destination with beautiful beaches.

Makapu'u Beach

Kīhei Beach

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