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Monday, September 11, 2017

5 most beautiful places in the central region of Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town (Afrikaans: Kaapstad, Xhosa: Kapa) is the second most populous city in South Africa and at the same time is part of the metropolitan area of the city of Cape Town. Cape Town is the capital of the province of the Western Cape and is the legislative capital of South Africa. It is the seat of the Parliament of South Africa and several other key government agencies. The city of Cape Town is famous for the big sea port is situated on the Atlantic coast, played a role in the lifeblood of international sea transport and the beautiful natural landscape.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain (Clifton) famous in Cape Town
Table Mountain (Clifton) famous in Cape Town
Table Mountain is a mountain-high 1,082 m, width 3km2, often cloudy white tulle panels as a covered giant cover up the great table of the form. This is a pretty extreme position to enjoy the panorama of the City Centre's vibrant, bustling trading port until the Hottentots Holland mountains in the distance. Right on top of the mountain, visitors have the opportunity to admire and explore the fynbos vegetation ( a type of shrub vegetation) along with a multitude of wild animals.

The castle of hope

Travel South Africa cannot ignore the name hope Castle (Castle of Good Hope), the pride of the people of South Africa when the owner of the impressive architecture, attracting thousands of tourists to this step.
Entrance to the castle of hope in Cape Town
Entrance to the castle of hope in Cape Town
Built in the period 1666-1679, the oldest Castle in Cape town still stand on the Mainland, the fruits of the land and still keep its role as the military headquarters of the Western Cape. A military museum and a collection of 19th century William Fehr are also located here.

The Museum District 6

Cape Town is not only a land of beautiful landscapes but also the impact of the groin historic hundred years old. Was built in memory of District 6, location was destroyed completely in the apartheid era, to present this museum is considered a witness living dread hung for years.

Inside the Museum District Six, Cape Town
Inside the Museum District Six, Cape Town
Located in the Cathedral Church, the Museum Center Buitenkant are vast, including the map, on the outskirts of the city in the multi-racial heyday. There are also a number of other artifacts attest to the brutality and destruction that has dominated the race and a negative influence on the lives of the people of South Africa nearly a half-century.

The gardens Cape town

Was built in 1652 as a giant vegetable garden to provide fresh produce to the ships of the Dutch East India Company, often parked at the Bay Table. Because of the vast scale and abundant trees, it was dubbed the beautiful botanical gardens in South Africa.
garden with rich vegetation, diverse
Garden with rich vegetation, diverse
Park with stunning mountain views, add in the fresh air of nature, will bring to visitors a feel as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Visitors don't even have to spend most of a day to explore the buildings on the lawn as the South African Museum or Planetarium inside the garden.

Of the Michaelis collection

South African Tourism will take visitors to the famous collection around the world, Sir Max Michaelis, the great financier of South Africa, the mining magnate, and at the same time is also the patron of art. This collection includes paintings, art masterpieces of many masters from the Netherlands and the Flemish region in the golden era (16 -18). And Michaelis donated all of his enthusiasm for the city of Cape Town. At present this collection is still being placed in old buildings, was once viewed as the Town Hall in 1905 to forever.

The way beach road

Through the suburbs in Green Point and Sea Point West of the city, the coast line beach road stretching along the Atlantic coast. This section of the road that is suitable for local residents as well as visitors engage treadmill, skaters and walking the dog for a walk under the sunset.
The way beach road
The way beach road


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