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Monday, September 4, 2017

14 most beautiful beach on the island of Bali Indonesia

Bali, where white and black sand beaches along the sea with the waves or shore cliffs buckets have a beautiful sea view, is as attractive destinations all over the world.
Please, explore the beauty and appeal of the shorelines while Bali tourism.

Beach of Amed

1. Beach of Amed is located in the East of the island of Bali has black sand smooth. This is a great beach with a long sand and blue water and deep. Here are the beautiful coral reefs but also the danger zone if the Explorer travel here.

The Beach Balangan

2. The Beach Balangan: here there are big waves and higher Sandy is very consistent with the sport of surfing adventure. The water here has big waves, sea water is very beautiful blue suit who like scenery or play the adventure game.

The beach Balian

3. The beach Balian with sand black, is Balian Basin draining to the sea line in Bali. If you like watching the sea and enjoy the quiet space in travel to Bali Island, to have beautiful sea views and pretty quiet, location is excellent for a beer or cocktail party and watch the sunset, the sea waves loud humming together will Please you.

4. Bias Tugal is a beach only a short Rocky sea coast but do so here's own beauty. White sand beachfront Tugal bias with the towering coconut trees and turquoise sea waters.

Bingin beach

5. Bingin beach is a picture on one side is the white limestone cliffs and the Green Sea region in which vacationers can play surfing. Attached on the Bukit peninsula is full of upscale travel services such as shops, resorts, and luxury villas.

Green Beach Bowl

6. Green Beach Bowl: this is quite secluded beaches, there are not many tourists come here. But in return, there are many cool caves that visitors can visit attractions in the hot day.

Beach of Karma

7. Beach of Karma: here comes the high-end resorts in the mountains overlooking the blue sea are idyllic view is stunning. You can up here by cable car takes a small fee to enjoy a drink and watch the sea along the stunning voice of the wind.

Dreamland Beach

8. Dreamland Beach: the beach is owned by many resorts but still have small beaches around the beach with fluffy sand shore is very nice to see the sea and bathing here.

Dreamland Beach

9. The beach at Jimbaran: located on the South West coast of Bali is a place connected with the Bukit peninsula. Here there are many luxury resorts like the Four Seasons and the Intercontinental and the restaurant along the beach.

Dreamland Beach

10. Kuta: this beach is in a fairly crowded tourist towns that formerly was a quiet fishing village. This is the point to attract winter visitors with the water sports such as surfing and adventure entertainment services, recreation here.

Dreamland Beach

11. The Beach very big waves have Nyang Nyang fits those who prefer to experience the thrills and adventure water sports. Quite desolate beaches with the adjacent mountains, there aren't many services here as no toilet, no shops or restaurants here.

Padang Padang Beach

 12. Padang Padang Beach is very poetic and romantic, suitable for relaxation and a honeymoon. The sea has small waves safe for bathing or surfing and is one of the most interesting areas on the beautiful island of Bali.

Sanur Beach

13. Sanur Beach has many beach resorts and luxury hotels. Like Kuta, Sanur is also derived from a coastal fishing village to enjoy a perfect holiday in Bali on long tours.

Geger Beach

14. Geger Beach: there is the 5-star luxury resort as St Regis Bali and Mulia. The waters here in the silence, in the video, can look down the bottom of boat rental services have a look around.

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